Updated self-employed borrower worksheets

Tailored for speed, accuracy, convenience

Updated for the 2021 tax year, our editable and auto-calculating cash flow analysis worksheets are fitted specifically for loan officers and mortgage pros. MGIC's self-employed borrower worksheets are uniquely suited for analyzing:

  • Cash flow and YTD profit and loss (P&L)
  • Comparative income
  • Liquidity ratios
  • Rental income

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“I've been using MGIC worksheets for years and think they're fantastic! I haven't found any other worksheets that are as functional or as easy to use as MGIC's.”
Amanda, Underwriter
“MGIC worksheets are simple to use and nearly foolproof.”
Shane, Underwriter

Self-employed borrower webinars

After accessing our cash flow worksheets, browse MGIC’s training sessions. You’ll discover a variety of income training webinars to learn more about evaluating base and variable income, rental income analysis, personal and business tax return analysis and financial statement review classes.

Register for live training or watch recorded sessions:
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    Evaluating base and variable income

    How to Evaluate and Calculate Borrower Income – Focus on Base, Hourly, Overtime, Bonus and Commission – 75  minutes

  • Solid Blue Background

    Rental income analysis

    Self-Employed Borrowers - Focus on Rental Income and exploration of different situations – 60 minutes

  • Solid Blue Background

    Personal and business tax return

    Self-Employed Borrowers - Focus on Corporations and Financial Statements – 60 minutes

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