Equitable homeownership

Join us in our shared journey to help underserved populations build wealth through sustainable, affordable homeownership.

Our commitment to equitable homeownership

At MGIC, we believe homeownership can be a powerful vehicle for financial stability, generational wealth, improved education, safer neighborhoods, better health and more.

For years, we've been proud to help borrowers with low down payments become homeowners sooner and realize all those benefits through our private mortgage insurance (PMI).

Yet we realize too many Americans have been left behind in the pursuit of homeownership. We strive to help traditionally underserved populations achieve sustainable homeownership so that they, too, can realize the positive impact of achieving the American dream.

Explore our strategy, approach and resources below.

The strategy behind our actions

Our strategy is to advance the values of diversity, equity and inclusion and take the lead in engaging and collaborating with industry stakeholders toward the following outcomes:

  • Increase the number of families prepared and ready to own a home
  • Expand sustainable homeownership opportunities for mortgage-ready homebuyers
  • Close the racial/ethnic gaps in homeownership
  • As a recognized leader in mortgage finance and a contributing corporate citizen, we believe active engagement across the pillars of policy, research, products and programs, and partnerships (national and local) is paramount to helping achieve our desired equitable homeownership outcomes.

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We are lending our expertise to the dialogue by teaming up with organizations that promote housing policy outcomes that are equitable, fair and focused on closing persistent homeownership gaps and increasing affordability.

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    U.S. Mortgage Insurers (USMI)

    We work collaboratively with other MI companies to support prudent approaches to expanding homeownership.

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    Housing Policy Council (HPC) 

    HPC advocates for a housing finance system that expands opportunity, improves customer experiences and operates efficiently and safely.

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    National Housing Conference (NHC)

    A coalition of stakeholders, NHC  develops equitable housing solutions through collaboration, advocacy, research and education.

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    Natl. Community Reinvestment Coalition

    NCRC is a network of organizations and individuals empowering low- and moderate-income communities through financial advocacy and inclusion.

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    American Enterprise Institute (AEI)

    The AEI is a prominent think tank engaging in research that focuses on today’s most critical challenges, including affordable housing.

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    CDFI Coalition

    CDFI Coalition coordinates initiatives to increase the availability of capital, credit and financial services to low-income communities.


We support research focused on identifying factors that impact access to homeownership, the financial benefits of homeownership in lower-income and majority–minority neighborhoods, and opportunities to use data science to advance affordable housing solutions.

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    University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee

    UW–Milwaukee conducted research exploring bridging Milwaukee’s racial gap in wealth creation through homeownership.

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    Urban Institute

    Urban's Housing Finance Policy Center researches issues affecting access to credit, homeownership and affordable housing.

Products & programs

We offer products and programs aimed at deepening understanding of homeownership gaps, increasing borrower readiness and expanding sustainable homeownership opportunities for mortgage-ready homebuyers.

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    Government-sponsored enterprises (GSEs)

    MGIC’s affordable lending program provides added flexibility to facilitate an array of community financing needs for portfolio lenders.

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    Housing finance agencies (HFAs)

    We share HFAs’ mission to transform lives with sustainable homeownership. We insure loans for about 70 state & local HFAs.

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    Federal Home Loan Banks (FHLBanks)

    We connect lenders/partners to FHLBanks' lending and community investment solutions to boost their equitable homeownership efforts.

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    Community Pro™

    MGIC’s affordable lending program provides added flexibility to facilitate an array of community financing needs for portfolio lenders.

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    Test & learn solutions

    We collaborate with lenders and investors to test new product concepts, bolstering special purpose credit programs (SPCPs) for homebuyers.

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    ARCS community lending framework

    We share 4 key areas to consider in developing a plan to help close the racial equity gap in homeownership.


We believe in the value of partnering with leading organizations who share our focus on expanding sustainable homeownership opportunities and closing homeownership gaps. MGIC is a member/supporter of the following national trade groups that support housing finance agencies:

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    Mortgage Bankers Association (MBA) 

    The MBA unites a variety of perspectives to develop innovative, balanced solutions towards a safe, sustainable real estate finance system.

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    NAHREP advances sustainable homeownership for Hispanics through advocacy and educational convenings of housing industry professionals.

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    NAREB brings together Realtists® and other industry professionals to promote democracy in housing via meaningful exchange and education.

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    NCSHA is a national organization supporting the nation’s state HFAs’ affordable housing efforts through advocacy and education.

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    Representing local HFAs, NALHFA advocates for legislative and regulatory issues affecting affordable housing and provides other services.

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    As a national association, NAMMBA provides multicultural training to support sustainable homeownership in communities across the U.S.

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    Down Payment Resource® (DPR)

    DPR is a national database of homeownership programs matching eligible buyers to available down payment assistant programs.

Local partnerships: Our focus begins in our own backyard

In Milwaukee, where we are headquartered, we actively support the City’s Collective Affordable Housing Plan and its central participants, working closely with stakeholders to advance the Plan through financial, analytical and subject matter expertise contributions.

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    Community Development Alliance

    We serve on the CDA, an affiliation of community development funders and practitioners collaborating on neighborhood improvement efforts.

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    Acts Housing

    We support Acts, a HUD-approved homebuyer, financial coaching & real estate services provider, through board and workgroup participation.

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    Milwaukee Habitat for Humanity

    We work closely with Habitat on grant and product exploration, board participation, and co-worker engagement.

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    Housing Resources, Inc. (HRI)

    We partner with and support HRI, a NeighborWorks® and HUD-approved homebuyer education and counseling services provider.

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    Take Root Milwaukee (TRM)

    We actively participate in TRM, a consortium of community organizations, Realtors® and lenders promoting sustainable homeownership.

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    United Community Center (UCC) 

    We support UCC’s Neighborhood Development Initiative and HUD-approved counseling services via board and co-worker engagement.

Community Pro™ is a trademark of MGIC. Realtist® is a registered trademark of the National Association of Real Estate Brokers. Down Payment Resource® is a registered trademark of Workforce Resource LLC. NeighborWorks® is a registered trademark of Neighborhood Reinvestment Corporation. REALTOR® is a registered trademark of the National Association of Realtors.

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