Housing Finance Agencies

Supporting and providing mortgage insurance for housing finance agency (HFA) loans.

MGIC has a long-standing commitment to HFAs. It’s all about our shared mission: transforming lives and communities by promoting sustainable homeownership opportunities.

Committed to meeting your needs

We offer Agency charter-level mortgage insurance in addition to a full menu of premium types and options to support your programs, products and initiatives.

Agency HFA specific products allow for charter level coverage when the borrower’s income is at or below 80% AMI. Check with your HFA to determine what offerings are eligible.

HFA underwriting summary

HFA Charter-Level coverage rates* ‐ except WA

HFA Charter-Level coverage rates* ‐ WA

HFA coverage rates (North Dakota only)

See our 2021 News Bulletin clarifying the recent change to homebuyer education requirements for Fannie Mae's HFA Preferred program.

*Check coverage requirements with the investor or HFA.

Rates and ordering

MGIC MI rates are easily accessible. We're integrated with most of today’s PPEs and LOSs. In MiQ, our rate quote platform, simply select your HFA program and we’ll default to Agency coverage based on the borrower’s AMI. Order MI only through Loan Center using MGIC Program ID 2881 for state or 3881 for local.

Order MI via Loan Center

MGIC sponsorships

MGIC is a sponsor of the following trade groups that support housing finance agencies:

Learn more about how we support community lending programs

Interested in a one-on-one chat about how MGIC supports HFAs? Introduce yourself and a member of our Community Lending team will reach out to you.

Meet your community lending team

Our dedicated Community Lending team specializes in reaching your borrowers and participating lenders.

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