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Loan servicing reference and reporting information

Loan servicing reference and reporting information to assist you with all of your needs, from our reporting templates and forms to payment and program information.

Servicing reference information

Billing cycles 2021

Taxes and assessments

Servicing reporting templates and forms

Appeal of a Reduction of the Insurance Benefit

Appeal of Rescission Notice, Company Cancellation Notice or Claim Denial Notice

Authorization for Electronic Receipt of Payment Form

Authorization for Receipt of Premium Refunds (ACH)

Claim Form*

Notice of Assumption

Notice of Change of Servicer

Notice of Default (NOD)

Partial Release Request Form

Request for Cancellation of Insurance

Deferred Payment Delegation Reporting

Please submit completed templates to servicingreport@mgic.com. Templates may be submitted via MGIC/Link, Secure File Transfer (SFT) or secure email.

Deferred Payment Program template

Loan Modification Reporting

Individual Modifications

Notice of Loan Modification*

Multiple Modifications

Loan Modification Request Spreadsheet

MICA HAMP Reporting Template

MILAR - 169

* A secure web version of the Notice of Loan Modification form is also available on MGIC/Link Servicing

Servicing Report

If requested, submit a servicing report using one of the formats below or another mutually agreed upon format. For submission methods, see Submission Information.

For questions, concerns or to discuss alternatives for reporting formats, email us at servicingreport@mgic.com or call 1-800-558-9900.

MGIC Templates

Templates Description Data elements Version
MGIC Data Set-8 Template includes our 8 required data elements 8 July 2015
MGIC Data Set-19  Template of our previously required data elements. Includes the data set to meet our Servicing Report requirement 19 November 2014

Mortgage industry templates

Templates Description  Data elements  Version
MILAR-32 Template includes a subset of the industry-approved data fields (MILAR-169) 32 March 2021
MILAR-169 Mortgage insurance industry-approved template for reporting insured loan status 169 March 2021

**Mortgage Insurance Loan Activity Report

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