First-time homebuyer resource library

Dive into our curated collection of informational materials – perfect for guiding your borrowers every step of the way.

Resources for mortgage professionals to share with borrowers

MGIC’s first-time homebuyer resource library is a vibrant collection of tools and information crafted to empower your borrowers. From financial readiness and credit tips to budgeting and navigating the mortgage process, these resources will help you educate and guide your clients every step of the way. Most are available in English and Spanish. All materials are ready to download, print, and share.

Homebuyer tools

Empower borrowers with tools they need to find, afford and love a home of their own. Download and share with your borrowers to help them kickstart their homebuying journey.

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    Monthly budget worksheet

    Borrowers saving up for a down payment can use this worksheet to track their expenses and create a livable budget.

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    Home comparison chart

    Borrowers can use this chart to compare the features of up to 3 houses.

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    Home maintenance checklist

    Share this handy checklist with new homeowners to help them keep their homes in tip-top shape.

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    Buy Now vs. Wait Calculator flyer

    Help your borrowers understand the value of our Buy Now vs. Wait Calculator. Share this flyer to get them started.

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    Calculator flyer for consumers

    Invite potential borrowers to explore our 5 easy-to-use homebuying calculators with this informative flyer.

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    Readynest overview flyer

    Introduce your borrowers to the helpful tips, tools and everything else Readynest has to offer with this overview flyer.

Mortgage literacy

Help borrowers understand common truths about financial readiness, mortgage insurance and the homebuying process. Download and share with your borrowers to help them make informed decisions.

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    Is your credit score making the grade?

    Help your borrowers master the credit score basics with this handy infographic.

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    9 pitfalls that can trip up your loan closing

    Share this list with borrowers to help them avoid taking actions that could derail the closing process.

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    The value of homeownership

    Use the insights in this infographic to help potential homebuyers see the big-picture value of owning a home.

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    The truth about buying your first home

    Highlight financial and practical aspects of homeownership borrowers may overlook with this 10-piont checklist.

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    The truth about private mortgage insurance

    Illustrate the advantages MI brings to achieving homeownership through real-life examples shared on this invaluable information sheet.

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    The truth about 6 mortgage myths

    Debunk the 6 most persistent myths today's homebuyers believe with this handy "cheat sheet."

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    The scoop on MI

    Mortgage insurance allows your borrowers to put less than 20% down on a house. This shareable outlines the basics.

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    How to cancel mortgage insurance

    Share this simple guide to explain when and how your borrowers can cancel mortgage insurance.

Get Ready! guides

This series of informative guides offers essential keys to successful homeownership. Download and share with your borrowers to help them navigate the homebuying process.

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