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Mortgage insurance rates

Look to us for clear, fair, transparent mortgage insurance rates that are easy to understand and easy to explain to borrowers, auditors and regulators.

Simplicity that helps you avoid redisclosure

We don’t differentiate our mortgage insurance rates based on geography, the number of borrowers with income or whether borrowers are self-employed. Borrower credit score, down payment, loan term and loan type are the primary attributes that affect our rates.

So changes to variables that happen after you provide the Loan Estimate – like debt-to-income, for example – will not affect your mortgage insurance premium.

There’s no need for a user ID and password to find an MGIC premium rate. We publish our rates here on our website. You can use our rate cards, Mobile App, Rate Finder or QuickPick Rate Card™ — or the top industry loan origination systems and pricing platforms — to get your rate.

Rates and adjustments are subject to state regulatory approval and are subject to change. Additional rates may also be available. For questions regarding state approvals and additional rates, please contact your MGIC representative.

We've reduced our borrower-paid monthly, annual and non-refundable single premiums, effective June 4, 2018. Learn more.

Rate cards

See our rate cards for borrower-paid and lender-paid mortgage insurance along with descriptions of each of our rate programs.

Rate Finder

Our Rate Finder is a short, simple form requiring minimal data entry. Get comprehensive rate quotes and email the PDFs.

QuickPick Rate Card™

Get rates in a wink with our easy, transparent, interactive QuickPick Rate Card.

Mobile App

Our mobile app is your one-stop shop for all things MI, including fast and easy rate quotes.

Mortgage comparison calculators with private mortgage insurance

Explore scenarios for your borrowers using a mortgage calculator with PMI:

  • MI Options Calculator – Compare up to 4 high-LTV solutions side-by-side
  • Quick Compare Calculator – Compare a conventional 30-year, fixed-rate loan with MGIC borrower-paid, Monthly MI and one with FHA insurance

Coverage requirements & exposure

Look up Agency and charter-level coverage requirements and determine exposure and various levels of coverage.


We offer refundable and non-refundable Premium plans. Premium refundability is specified on each loan's insurance Commitment/Certificate.

Rate filing status

When premium rates change, we file the changes with each state’s insurance department.

LOS and PPE platforms

Get our rates — and order mortgage insurance where applicable — without leaving your LOS or PPE platform.

QuickPick Rate Card™ and QuickPick Rates™ are MGIC trademarks.

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