Ordering mortgage insurance

When you’re ready to order mortgage insurance, we work hard to make it as easy as possible.

Choose your submission option 

When you order mortgage insurance through MGIC, choose the submission option that best meets your needs. All MGIC Master Policyholders in good standing are eligible for any of the following submission options.

Regardless of the option you choose, we rely upon the accuracy and validity of the information you submit and that the information is consistent with the final information we use to make the underwriting decision.

When you submit documents to order mortgage insurance, we are responsible for entering the information accurately and for determining whether it complies with our Eligibility Criteria.

When you submit data, you are responsible for accurate data entry, and we are responsible for determining whether your data complies with our Eligibility Criteria. We employ the strongest available industry standards to electronically encrypt and protect your documents and data and your borrower's personally identifiable information.

Contact Underwriting Operations or Customer Service

Ordering mortgage insurance

Via Loan Center or your loan origination system. 

Loan Center help

Once you’ve submitted a loan to MGIC — and regardless of how you submitted it — you can update information and follow its progress on the Loan Center.

Submitting refi-to-mod (RTM) loans

Ordering contract underwriting

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