About MGIC

We're proud to be leading the private mortgage insurance industry, supporting our customers and helping borrowers find a better way to achieve their dreams of homeownership.
MGIC headquarters, located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

We know what homeownership can do

At MGIC (Mortgage Guaranty Insurance Corporation), we believe that homeownership opens the door to economic and social benefits, like wealth accumulation, family stability, improved education, safer neighborhoods, higher civic engagement, and even improved health. Not to mention, peace of mind.

Our product, private mortgage insurance (PMI), makes it possible for borrowers with low down payments to become homeowners and realize the benefits of owning a home. We take pride in helping people get the keys to their own homes sooner.

Explore Who We Are and What We Do

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We've helped 13.5 million people attain homeownership sooner

MGIC was founded in 1957 after Max Karl, a Milwaukee lawyer, saw how people struggled to save a 20% down payment. He also knew the risks lenders faced in lending to borrowers with low down payments. That’s why he invented the modern form of private mortgage insurance (PMI). With PMI, people can buy homes with as little as 3% down, and the risks to lenders are limited because MGIC insures a portion of the mortgage loan in the event of default.

Today, we’re still the premier MI provider, supporting the dream of homeownership. Learn about MGIC’s evolution from the days of avocado appliances to avocado toast.

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Get to know us better

  • Our leadership

    The leaders at MGIC are forward thinkers who pave the way for our shared success. Each brings a wealth of expertise and a dedication to our mission.

  • The Max Karl legacy

    Max Karl, the founder of modern private mortgage insurance, wore thick glasses, convinced his barber to invest in him, and spurred an entire industry.

  • The MGIC difference

    What MGIC does makes a difference. In addition to competitive rates and a drive to do what's right, we offer invaluable resources to help grow your business.

We make credit risk less risky for mortgage lenders

As the industry leader in private mortgage insurance, MGIC makes lending safer for our customers, which include banks, mortgage bankers, mortgage brokers, credit unions, mortgage loan servicers and mortgage investors. We provide our customers with credit loss protection, reducing and in some instances eliminating the losses they would experience if a homeowner defaults on a mortgage loan.  

The mortgage insurance we provide also benefits consumers by helping them to overcome the down-payment hurdle. Through private mortgage insurance, they can achieve homeownership sooner with affordable, low-down-payment loans.

Explore how MGIC helps the mortgage industry as well as the broader community in the section below. 

How can we help you?

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    Loan officers

    Grow your business with tools that help you build referral partnerships, generate leads, and promote yourself with customized marketing.

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    Lending institutions

    Optimize your lending process with tools and resources to improve all facets of business, including portfolio lending and business development.

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    Mortgage industry

    Gain industry knowledge and learn essential skills from our training events and webinars. Our calendar is constantly updated, so check it often!

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    Homebuyers & borrowers

    Get ready for homeownership with Readynest.com, our education website that breaks down the process for first-time homebuyers.

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    Corporate responsibility

    We’re committed to helping communities thrive. Explore our dedication to volunteerism, diversity, inclusion and the environment.

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    Employment & internships

    Discover the opportunities, benefits and perks of working at an award-winning company, dedicated to transformation, diversity and growth.

Conducting business with integrity

At MGIC, we take pride in knowing that what we do matters. 
That central idea – the value we place on homes and the people in them – influences the way we approach our business and our responsibilities. It is evident in how we manage our accountabilities to all our stakeholders – co-workers, customers, investors, and communities.  

Take a closer look at the value we create for our stakeholders in the section below.

See our corporate side

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    Corporate profile

    At-a-glance ratings, reports and stakeholder information about MGIC is available on our investor website.

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    Press releases

    Get the latest news, updates and announcements about MGIC, including operating statistics and quarterly results.

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    Corporate sustainability report

    Review MGIC’s most recent corporate sustainability report.