Ordering MI online

When you're ordering MGIC mortgage insurance online, you have the option to use our Loan Center or your LOS.

Via the Loan Center

The Loan Center makes the task of ordering mortgage insurance online from us fast and easy by providing:
  • A secure, single entry point to order MI with a data file or documents
  • The ability to submit data or electronic loan files and order MI over the Internet 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
Login to submit loans to MGIC's Loan Center.

Need a user ID and password? Sign up here.

Delegated underwriting

  • Enter or upload data. To reduce data entry:
    • Upload a DU 3.2 data file to prepopulate most data fields
  • Loan Center’s dynamic field display and common default values further reduce data entry — especially for MGIC Go! loans
  • Prefill the Order MI form with your personal default settings:
    • Set up your MI preferences, including premium type and refund and renewal options
    • Designate MGIC to collect FCRA data
Learn more about ordering a Delegated MI Underwrite for automated underwriting.

Full-file underwriting

Upload electronic loan file documents for non-delegated MI underwriting. Once you submit a loan, follow up on its progress on the Loan Center.

Learn more about ordering non-delegated MI underwriting.

Other Loan Center services

You can also use the Loan Center to:

  • Submit Refi-to-Mod (RTM) loans
  • Order contract underwriting

Once you’ve submitted a loan to MGIC — and regardless of how you submitted it — you can update information and follow its progress on the Loan Center:

  • Check loan status
  • View loan documents
  • Cancel approval
  • Activate coverage
  • Make changes to an approved loan
  • Resubmit a loan originally submitted as a data file
  • Submit additional documentation
  • Submit Gold Cert Verification Information

Via your loan origination system (LOS)

You may be able to order MI through your loan origination system. In partnership with a number of LOS vendors, we’ve integrated the capability to order MGIC MI directly from their systems.

See our list of participating LOS partners.

Ordering MI via fax

You have the option of ordering mortgage insurance from us via fax.

Complete the appropriate editable MGIC mortgage insurance application and fax it along with your loan file to your MGIC Underwriting Service Center. You can also save these forms as a PDF for your records and upload them to the Loan Center.

MGIC MI App (All states except for NH) (11/12)

MGIC MI App (NH) (04/10)

Once you order mortgage insurance via fax, you can follow up on its progress on the Loan Center.

File submission

When you fax a file to MGIC for underwriting, include the following documents:

  • MGIC MI application
  • Fannie Mae 1003/Freddie Mac 65
  • Credit report
  • Verification of income, employment and assets
  • Appraisal
  • Sales contract
  • Miscellaneous documents, such as divorce decrees, gift letters, etc.

See the MGIC Underwriting Guide, Section 1, for more information.

Other fax options

You can also use your fax to:

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