The importance of MI to your portfolio

If your portfolio is home to residential mortgages, especially those with LTVs exceeding 80%, you may be vulnerable when it comes to credit risk, higher capital requirements and higher loss reserve allowances.

How MI can protect you from credit losses

How different levels of MI coverage can meet your portfolio needs

Serve more borrowers and protect your portfolio with Portfolio Playbook™

Portfolio Playbook is a suite of mortgage product solutions designed to help you:
  • Stretch beyond GSE limits to offer more flexible financing options to a broad spectrum of borrowers
  • Reduce your exposure to credit risk
  • Optimize your capital
  • Reduce your loss reserve allowance
Looking for PDFs for quick reference and easy sharing? You'll find them right here:

It's easy to get started

Below, you'll find a link to a wealth of information and resources for each Portfolio Playbook MI solution. And, to get a closer look at the benefits of MGIC's Portfolio Playbook products, simply scroll down to complete the form. An MGIC representative will reach out to you promptly.

Portfolio Playbook products and premium plans

  • Playbook Pro™

    Develop your loan portfolio on a secure foundation with MI using our core Portfolio Playbook product.
  • Medical and Dental Pro

    Make a house call for doctors and dentists.
  • Portfolio Playbook Wealthbuilder Icon

    WealthBuilder Pro™

    Help 100% LTV borrowers boost equity fast.
  • Portfolio Playbook Super Jumbo Icon

    Super Jumbo Pro™

    Provide more financial options to higher-income, well-qualified borrowers.
  • Portfolio Playbook - One Close Construction Icon

    One-Close Construction Pro™

    Help borrowers save time and money with long-term financing opportunities for building their dream home.
  • Renovation Pro

    Help borrowers purchase and renovate with one loan and one close.
  • Portfolio Playbook Community Pro Icon

    Community Pro™

    Customize your community lending offerings with this fresh alternative to the GSEs’ 3% down and the FHA’s 3.5% down programs.
  • Portfolio Playbook Second Home Icon

    Second Home

    Go beyond Agency loan limits with MGIC Second Home Underwriting Requirements.
  • Portfolio Playbook 89.99 Icon

    MI to 89.99% Premium Plan

    This special premium plan for non-GSE loans optimizes bank capital management with affordable lower coverage and shorter duration MI.

Fill out this form to:

  • Learn about the benefits of enrollment in MGIC’s Portfolio Playbook program
  • Discuss your portfolio needs and share your perspective on portfolio lending

Playbook lender bulletins and news

MGIC bulletins announce changes to our Underwriting Requirements and/or rates. MGIC news releases provide the results of our evaluation of industry changes, GSE bulletins, and announcements where we are not changing our Underwriting Requirements or premium rates.


Release Date Bulletin or News Number, Topics, (effective dates)
06/21/2023 Bulletin #PP02-2023 announcing update to Community Pro product description (07-13-2023)
01/13/2023 Bulletin #PP01-2023 announcing updates to product descriptions (01-13-2023)


Release Date Bulletin or News Number, Topics, (effective dates)
07/15/2022 Bulletin #PP01-2022 announcing updates to product descriptions (07-15-2022)


Date  Bulletin or News Number, Topics, (effective dates)
11/18/2021 Bulletin #PP01-2021 introducing Medical and Dental Pro (11/18/2021)


Date  Bulletin or News Number, Topics, (effective dates)
12/29/2020 Bulletin #PP04-2020 announcing increases to loan amount limits (12/29/2020)
07/01/2020 Bulletin #PP03-2020 announcing updates to product descriptions (07/01/2020) 
04/30/2020 Bulletin #PP02-2020 announcing upcoming changes to products (6/1/2020)
03/01/2020 Bulletin #PP01-2020 announcing updates to product descriptions based on new Underwriting Guidelines (3/1/2020)


 Date  Bulletin or News Number, Topics, (effective dates)
12/20/2019 Bulletin #PP02-2019 announcing increases to loan amount limits (12/20/19)
08/19/2019 Bulletin #PP01-2019 introducing Renovation Pro (08/19/19)

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Portfolio Playbook™, WealthBuilder Pro™, Super Jumbo Pro™, One-Close Construction Pro™, Community Pro™ and Playbook Pro™ are MGIC trademarks.
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