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Playbook Pro

Develop your loan portfolio on a secure foundation with Playbook Pro.

With LTVs up to 97% and loan amounts up to $750,000, MGIC’s core Playbook Pro™ product: 

  • Answers the majority of your owner-occupied, primary residence financing needs
  • Expands your capabilities for providing lending solutions to a broad spectrum of borrowers — from first-time to move-up buyers
  • Allows you to determine your own coverage levels
  • Offers flexible financing options beyond the 30-year, fixed-rate mortgage

Playbook Pro MI can help your borrowers:

  • Increase their buying power 
  • Expand their cash-flow options
  • Reduce their monthly mortgage payment



Product Description

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Portfolio Playbook™ and Playbook Pro™ are MGIC trademarks.


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