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Add value to your referral partnerships with these creative strategies.
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Help your real estate partners close more deals

Real estate agents who leverage private mortgage insurance have a competitive edge in today’s market. We’ve developed a strategic marketing program loan officers can share with referral partners to give them new ways to grow their business.

Discover how you can create more value for real estate agents with our “More options. More sales opportunities.” program

3 ways private MI can help real estate pros solve for common obstacles and sell more homes

Free, downloadable marketing tools position you as their go-to loan officer

Share creative solutions with your real estate agent referral partners that may be new to them so that they can save deals, show more homes and offer homebuyers more options. We’ll provide you with our professionally designed marketing materials when you sign up for instant access to our “More options. More sales opportunities.” program. You’ll get:

  • PowerPoint presentation with discussion notes for each slide
  • Promotional flyer

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