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Line up your portfolio with profitable, non-GSE opportunities

Portfolio Playbook™ is a suite of products designed to reach a broad spectrum of borrowers.

Playbook Pro™ -  proactively protect your portfolio with MI
WealthBuilder Pro™ - boost 100% LTV borrowers' equity fast
Super Jumbo Pro™ - provide your high-income borrowers more financial options
One-Close Construction Pro™ - long-term financing opportunities for building a home
Consolidation Refi Pro™ - be your borrowers' refi coach
Community Pro™ - improve low- to moderate-income borrowers' buying power
Second Home - help more borrowers reach their goals with MGIC's Guidelines
MI to 89.99% Premium Plan - this special premium plan for non-GSE loans optimizes bank capital management with affordable lower coverage and shorter duration MI

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Playbook Lender Bulletins & News

MGIC bulletins announce changes to our Underwriting Requirements and/or rates.
MGIC news releases provide the results of our evaluation of industry changes, GSE bulletins, and announcements where we are not changing our Underwriting Requirements or premium rates.


Date Bulletin or News Number, Topics, (effective dates)
12/19/2018 Bulletin #PP02-2018 announcing new products and increases to maximum loan amounts and maximum cash out (12/19/18)
05/29/2018 Bulletin #PP01-2018 announcing new Borrower-Paid and Lender-Paid Premiums for WealthBuilder Pro™ (05/11/18)


Date Bulletin or News Number, Topics, (effective dates)
12/27/2017 Bulletin #PP04-2017 announces increase to maximum loan amounts (12/27/17)
11/07/2017 Bulletin #PP03-2017 announces enhancements to our WealthBuilder Pro premium plan (12/04/17)
03/31/2017 Bulletin #PP02-2017 announces updates to our Portfolio Playbook program (03/31/17)
01/03/2017 Bulletin #PP01-2017 announces updates to our premium rate adjustments (01/03/17)

Portfolio Playbook Resources

Portfolio Playbook Program Overview
Portfolio Playbook Product Matrix
MI Fundamentals
The Best Defense
Medical/Dental Overview
Rural Acreage Properties Overview
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Playbook Pro™

Proactively protect your portfolio with MI through our Playbook Pro product

With LTVs up to 97% and loan amounts up to $700,000, Playbook Pro™:

  • Answers the majority of your owner-occupied, primary residence financing needs
  • Expands your capabilities for providing lending solutions to a broad spectrum of borrowers — from first-time to move-up buyers
  • Allows you to determine your own coverage levels
  • Offers flexible financing options beyond the 30-year, fixed-rate mortgage

Playbook Pro MI can help your borrowers:

  • Increase their buying power
  • Expand their cash-flow options
  • Reduce their monthly mortgage payment

WealthBuilder Pro™

Strategic financing using WealthBuilder Pro boosts 100% LTV borrowers' equity fast. (You must be approved for this program.)

Our WealthBuilder Pro™ product is an equity-accelerating machine, that:

  • Features a combination of a shorter amortization term and an optional permanent buydown
  • Is perfect for borrowers with greater capacity to repay
  • Puts first-time homebuyers on a path to more rapid savings through paid-in home equity
  • Allows 100% LTV loans with a term up to 20 years, enabling borrowers to repurpose proceeds from the down payment to further buy down the rate, enhancing the loan’s wealth-creating power
  • Differentiates you in the market by offering a prudent, 100%-financing program

WealthBuilder Pro can help your borrowers:

  • Maintain purchasing power with a shorter-term loan
  • Quickly build equity
  • Maximize financial flexibility
  • Reduce their monthly payment as a result of earlier borrower-paid MI termination



Product Description

Rate Card* effective 07/11/18 — all states except NY & WA

*View state-by-state activation dates

How to get a rate quote with MiQ

Co-Brandable Consumer Flyer

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How to submit your loan to the Loan Center

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Fill out the form to learn more about the benefits of enrollment in MGIC's Portfolio Playbook program

Portfolio Playbook | WealthBuilder Pro


Super Jumbo Pro™

Help high-income borrowers score more with our Super Jumbo Pro product

Go above and beyond Agency loan limits to provide more financial options for your clients with Super Jumbo Pro™, designed for higher-income, well-qualified borrowers and offering:

  • Loan amounts over $700,000
  • LTVs up to 95%
  • Peace of mind that your high-LTV, high-balance portfolio is insured

Super Jumbo Pro can help your borrowers:

  • Increase their buying power
  • Expand their cash-flow options
  • Reduce their monthly mortgage payment

One-Close Construction Pro™

Help borrowers save time and money with One-Close Construction Pro™

One-Close Construction Pro™ offers borrowers long-term financing opportunities for building their dream home.

One-Close Construction Pro allows :

  • A construction phase up to 18 months
  • Financing borrower-paid premiums: up to 18 months of monthly premiums, a single premium or the up-front portion of a split premium
  • Loan amounts to $1,500,000

One-Close Construction Pro can help your borrowers:

  • Put less money down when building their home
  • Remove the worry, cost and time of a second loan closing
  • Keep payments low during the construction period

Consolidation Refi Pro™

Help borrowers consolidate their first, second and HELOC mortgages into a single, affordable home financing solution. (You must be approved for this program.)

Consolidation Refi Pro™ is an enhanced rate/term refinance program allowing loan proceeds to pay off both a HELOC and nonpurchase-money second lien — with no limitations or requirements relating to seasoning and draws. It allows:

  • LTVs up to 95%
  • Loan amounts to $1,000,000
  • Single family primary residence

Consolidation Refi Pro can help your borrowers:

  • Reduce their monthly mortgage payments
  • Simplify their mortgage experience
  • Expand their cash flow options

Community Pro™

Show low- to moderate-income borrowers you'll go the whole 9 yards to get them to their goal

Our Community Pro™ product presents a fresh alternative to the GSEs’ 3% down and the FHA’s 3.5% down programs:

  • Differentiate yourself in the eyes of real estate agents
  • Set your own rules: household income limits; geographic target areas, regardless of income; first-time homebuyer status; counseling requirements; and MI coverage
  • Finance down payment and closing cost assistance up to 105% CLTV
  • Satisfy community lending goals and expectations

Community Pro can help your borrowers:

  • Increase their buying power
  • Expand their cash-flow options
  • Reduce their monthly mortgage payment

Second Home

Help more borrowers reach their goals with MGIC second home guidelines

We insure second homes with a maximum loan amount up to $850,000 on both attached and detached, as well as condos and co-ops.

which MI solution is right for you?

Choosing the right amount of mortgage insurance coverage starts with understanding what your goals are. Put up your best defense with help from our Portfolio Playbook lineup.
Portfolio Playbook Deep Coverage
Portfolio Playbook moderate coverage
Portfolio Playbook light coverage

Reduce credit losses with mortgage insurance

The core value of mortgage insurance is protection against losses due to borrower default. Market conditions can have a dramatic impact on losses.

Learn more

Reduce your reserving requirements and minimize earnings volatility

MGIC mortgage insurance can help you get ready for the new "Current Expected Credit Loss" (CECL) accounting standard.

Learn more

Optimize capital utilization

Use mortgage insurance to optimize capital and meet regulatory requirements.

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MI to 89.99% Premium Plan

Designed to optimize bank capital under Basel III regulatory requirements.

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MI to 89.99 Rate Card

View state-by-state activation dates

How to submit your loan to the Loan Center


Portfolio Playbook™, WealthBuilder Pro™, Super Jumbo Pro™, One-Close Construction Pro™, Consolidation Refi Pro™, Community Pro™ and Playbook Pro™ are MGIC trademarks.

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