Origination & servicing tools tutorials

Get the guidance you need, when you need it, with MGIC’s on-demand video tool tutorials.

Your guide to using mortgage origination and servicing tools

Get step-by-step instructions on how to use mortgage origination and servicing tools. MGIC’s recorded tutorial videos are available on-demand and at no charge, offering the guidance you need, when you need it. You may need to adjust your speaker volume.

MI origination tools

Using the Loan Center             9:29 minutes Watch Now

MI servicing tools

Activate MI Coverage With MGIC/Link 2:06 minutes Watch Now
Cancel MI Coverage With MGIC/Link 2:48 minutes Watch Now
Change Loan Numbers With MGIC/Link 2:07 minutes Watch Now
Receive and Submit Monthly Premium Bill via MGIC/Link 3:11 minutes Watch Now
Transfer Servicing With MGIC/Link 2:39 minutes Watch Now

Default servicing tools

How to File or Update a Notice of Default 2:25 minutes Watch Now
Report Individual Loan Modifications Through MGIC/Link 4:38 minutes Watch Now

Claim servicing tools

How to Submit Claim Documents 4:10 minutes Watch Now
How to File a Claim 4:34 minutes Watch Now
Magic Minutes Training Series

Introducing MGIC’s Magic Minutes Training Series

Quickly refresh or expand your industry knowledge and skills with our new Magic Minutes training series. These on-demand, quick-hitting videos bring you essential knowledge in 15 minutes or less.

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