Rethink Everything Series: Part 1 – Serving Others with Education & Advocacy

60 minutes

Categories: Hot topics | Guest Speaker

Our industry has allowed news outlets to lead the way with education for far too long. It's led to fearmongering and misinformation ... and it needs to stop. It's time for you to take responsibility for educating your people and fighting for this industry.

Kyle brings together a panel of some of the best in the industry (contributing chapter authors in Kyle’s latest Rethink Everything book!) to tell you what they're doing that's making a difference and how you can do it too.

Featured guests and topics during this 60-minute webinar are:

  • Mike Cox – Education is everything (chapter 28)
  • Sue Buswell – Credit expertise (chapter 25)
  • Jamey Lynch – Industry advocacy (chapter 23)

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kyle draper

Kyle Draper, Founder of & Content Compounding

Kyle just does it differently. While most are zigging, he's zagging. Though known as a "social media expert," he's really more of a relationship expert and has discovered how to capitalize on loving people through social media to grow your business. He's helped real estate professionals and lenders sell hundreds of millions of dollars through his methods and strategies. You'll laugh (and maybe cry), but you'll definitely learn.