Buyer Agent Commission Disruption – Now What?

60 minutes

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Since news of the NAR settlement broke, questions, confusion and predictions abound. Everyone wonders what the fallout will be for the real estate and mortgage industries. Join us for this timely webinar as we sort through the issues.  

MGIC’s Kevin Hearden will open the session by addressing what we know and outlining what still needs to be determined:

  • Has the judge accepted the settlement and is it final?
  • Will the DOJ want to interject with more commission limitations before implementation?
  • How will Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac handle buyer agent commissions? Will they be counted towards IPC limitations? 

What does this mean to loan officers? 

Next, Josh Mettle from The Loan Atlas will do a quick SWOT analysis as it relates to the changes, addressing these topics:

  • How can loan officers help buyer agents finance their commission fees if sellers won’t pay them?
  • If the buyer agent's lead pillar of our business is under potential risk, what can we do to replace those leads?
  • Things we can do to become more valuable and create more relationships with listing agents, such as:
    - Identify listing agents that need our help:
    - Solve for industry problems listing agents are facing
    - Popular tools loan officers have to help with those problems
    - How to help listing agents incubate buyer leads
    - Open house strategies to help listing agents and attract buyer leads

Attendees will leave with an action plan for taking what they’ve just learned and implementing it immediately.

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kevin hearden

Kevin Hearden, MGIC Product Development Director

Kevin joined MGIC in 2016 and is currently a product development director. He leads various product initiatives and works closely with the MGIC sales team to develop product solutions. Kevin has over 30 years of experience in the mortgage banking industry, including leadership roles in secondary marketing and product development. He lives in Hartland, WI, with his wife, Denise, and children, Will and Cole.

Josh Mettle, Mortgage Advisor & Co-head of Faculty, The Loan Atlas

Josh is a distinguished author, mentor, and mortgage originator, consistently ranked in the top 1% by Mortgage Executive Magazine. With a rich 23-year tenure in the field, Josh has facilitated over $1.2 billion in mortgage origination volume, guiding thousands of families with optimized mortgage strategies that maximize wealth.


His zeal for enhancing financial literacy among loan officers, coupled with his commitment to helping them break free from the conventional rat race through sustainable passive income, underscores his approach. Josh's contributions extend beyond personal achievements; his insights are shared through his book, "Why Physician Home Loans Fail," his engaging podcast, "Infinite Financial Freedom," and his transformative coaching modules inside The Loan Atlas.


Josh's life is deeply rooted in Park City, Utah, where he enjoys the great outdoors, the company of his wife, Hillary, their children, Zander and Aria, and Cosmo, their beloved wonderdog, embodying his philosophy of balance and fulfillment beyond professional success.