Wipro Gallagher Solutions 

Wipro Gallagher Solutions, LLC

Wipro Gallagher Solutions empowers today’s lender with a powerful and innovative, digital origination solution.

Built by lending and technology experts with more than 35 years of experience, Wipro Gallagher Solutions’ NetOxygen loan origination solution is an award-winning digital mortgage solution that provides automation, smart configuration, and seamless access to emerging digital tools, enabling you to be ready for the ‘next-generation’ lending.

With NetOxygen, lenders can experience a true digital mortgage solution that processes loans faster, with improved customer satisfaction, while achieving profitable business results.

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NetOxygen LOS

An award-winning enterprise loan origination solution, driving profitability and customer-centric lending anytime, anywhere.

NetOxygen LOS enable lenders to streamline the end-to-end lending processes, delivering a truly digital mortgage experience.

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