MI standard coverage 101 - Episode 13

Jeff Platfoot, MGIC Customer Trainer

MI standard coverage 101

With a recent search increase of the term "standard coverage," we take a deeper dive with MGIC's customer trainer, Jeff Platfoot, to learn what MI standard coverage is and its direct impact on the lender. 

Episode breakdown:

  • What is MI standard coverage level and why is it important? (0:27)
  • Does premium type matter as it pertains to coverage levels? (4:17)
  • Does the lender have the ability to modify the coverage level? (5:16)
  • How does MI coverage impact a lender if a loan were to go into default? (6:10)
jeff platfoot

Jeff Platfoot

Jeff Platfoot joined MGIC's training team in 2003. He draws from an additional seven years of sales/origination experience and a decade of underwriting and underwriting management to help his "students" develop a depth of understanding for the subject at hand. Jeff has a degree in business. Native to, and still living in Ohio, he's a huge Buckeyes fan. A good weekend for Jeff is one spent with his wife and kids at the lake boating.

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