Up Your Game to Score Approvals Sooner!

60 minutes

Categories: Origination | Processing | Underwriting | Skill-based

Who Should Attend:
Processors, LOAs, Originators

It's uncomfortable having to go back to borrowers to request additional information. And, it's certainly no fun having to reschedule a closing because documentation is missing. Sometimes, it's unavoidable but many times, these situations can be prevented. Join us for a 60-minute drill on plays you can make to swiftly get to the end zone.

We’ll review these winning plays:

  • Documenting income and income trending
  • Nontaxable earnings
  • Non-occupant borrowers
  • Transaction limitations and restrictions

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Rebecca Chase

Rebecca joined MGIC in 1998 and now focuses full time on training others. She has always enjoyed sharing her knowledge to help others succeed and understand the need for the information. She currently hosts many of the MGIC national webinar courses. Rebecca began her mortgage career in a retail bank as an underwriter and then moved into production as a loan officer and sales manager. Before moving into training at MGIC, she worked as a senior underwriter. A Midwest native, Rebecca now lives with her husband in the Tampa Bay area. In her spare time, she referees college indoor and beach volleyball across the country.
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