Up Your Game! Overcoming Approval Obstacles

60 minutes

Categories: Mortgage skills | Sales strategies | Special Event

In this highly competitive lending environment, it’s imperative that you understand the rules of the game right from the start. Learn how to position yourself as the mortgage expert by mastering strong communication and execution skills that will assist you in earning your customers’ loyalty.  

Join us for a 60-minute drill on skills you will need in order to successfully compete.  

We’ll review these winning plays: 

  • Spark interest by offering your borrowers a complete playbook of financing options  
  • Know your loan-structuring limits and when to consult the rules 
  • Understand key differences between Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac 
  • Discover how coaching your borrowers through the loan process gives you the edge
  • Avoid penalties by recognizing top approval defects & remedies 

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hali plachecki

Senior Customer Trainer

Hali Plachecki

Hali’s 35-plus years’ experience in mortgage operations as a processor, processing manager, underwriter, and underwriting manager makes her a knowledgeable and insightful presenter. Hali joined MGIC in 2011 and moved to the training team in 2016. She enjoys interacting closely with our customers to help them leverage MGIC’s exclusive training opportunities to build stronger and more effective teams.

Hali is passionate about bringing understanding and simplicity to even the most technical aspects of training in the mortgage industry. She is on a mission to bring clarity and the “why” behind our learning, retention and application of the trainings that she delivers. In addition to essential technical training topics, Hali excels at soft skills development training, including communication skills, team building and customer service.