Rethink Everything Series: Part 6 – Personal Branding

60 minutes

Categories: Hot topics | Guest Speaker

You need a brand. Duh. We've heard this before, haven't we? But what does it mean? Does a brand consist of logos and colors? Business cards with QR codes? Branding confuses many of us. In this webinar, we’re putting a stop to all the confusion.

Our top experts will cover:

  • What a brand truly means
  • How to execute a brand correctly
  • How to create compelling content that attracts and engages your audience

Upcoming Sessions:

kyle draper

Kyle Draper, Founder of & Content Compounding

Kyle just does it differently. While most are zigging, he's zagging. Though known as a "social media expert," he's really more of a relationship expert and has discovered how to capitalize on loving people through social media to grow your business. He's helped real estate professionals and lenders sell hundreds of millions of dollars through his methods and strategies. You'll laugh (and maybe cry), but you'll definitely learn.