Mortgage Insurance Basics

30 minutes

Categories: Mortgage insurance | Skill-based

Max Karl, a Milwaukee real estate attorney, found a better way for lenders to originate low-down payment loans when he founded MGIC in 1957.

Today, the mortgage industry offers more financing alternatives for high-LTV lending, yet mortgage insurance remains one of the safest, most affordable options for both lenders and borrowers.

Join us for this fundamental webinar and get acquainted — or reacquainted — with the basics of mortgage insurance. You will:

  • Consider, compare and conclude which options are best for borrowers
  • Understand what MI is and how it works
  • Demystify some of the misunderstandings and misinformation surrounding MI

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hali plachecki

Senior Customer Trainer

Hali Plachecki

Hali’s 35-plus years’ experience in mortgage operations as a processor, processing manager, underwriter, and underwriting manager makes her a knowledgeable and insightful presenter. Hali joined MGIC in 2011 and moved to the training team in 2016. She enjoys interacting closely with our customers to help them leverage MGIC’s exclusive training opportunities to build stronger and more effective teams.

Hali is passionate about bringing understanding and simplicity to even the most technical aspects of training in the mortgage industry. She is on a mission to bring clarity and the “why” behind our learning, retention and application of the trainings that she delivers. In addition to essential technical training topics, Hali excels at soft skills development training, including communication skills, team building and customer service.

jeff platfoot

Director of Regional Training

Jeff Platfoot

Leading MGIC’s training team for over 20 years, Jeff Platfoot has over 35 years of experience in the mortgage industry, including in positions in sales/origination, underwriting and underwriting management. Much of his focus today is on delivering MGIC’s best-in-class specialized training curriculum, teaching the key skills, techniques and best practices needed to build your team’s confidence within essential areas of industry knowledge.

Jeff is passionate about helping mortgage professionals to compete in today’s fast-paced lending environment. He loves to help customers develop a depth of understanding on a wide range of topics, including origination, loan products, industry updates and processing.

vance edwards

Vance Edwards, CMB, MGIC Marketing Program Director

Vance Edwards joined MGIC in 1999 and currently serves as MGIC's Marketing Program Director. Among Vance’s responsibilities is heading up MGIC’s Marketing Promotions Team which oversees MGIC sales training efforts, marketing of MGIC programs and co-branding efforts with MGIC customers. In addition, Vance leads MGIC initiatives with REALTORS® and consumers, especially first-time homebuyers. He has spoken numerous times to REALTORS® and loan originator audiences on topics including: first-time homebuyers, QM, economic overview, mortgage industry, and sales skills. Vance lives in Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin with his wife Carrie and children Hailey and Trevan. Vance is a certified FICO® professional and earned a Certified Mortgage Banker ("CMB") designation from the MBA.

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