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Why work with MGIC?

From avocado toasters to avocado toast, we've been there. And whatever trends may come, we'll still be here, supporting you.

In the decades since 1957, when we founded the modern private mortgage insurance industry, we've seen new products, new technology, and new generations change the way we do business. What hasn't changed? Our commitment to helping Americans buy homes — and to helping you succeed. Here are just a few of the reasons that our customers love doing business with MGIC!

Amazing service

Why work with MGIC? The best way to get the answer to that question is see why other mortgage professionals love to work with us:

Discover how 15% down can ACTUALLY be greater than 20%

Thanks for the great idea - my borrower is super excited!

“The idea you brought to me was exactly what I needed for one of my borrowers. We got to lower his down payment to 15% down. He gets to keep $20,000 and only bring $540 to closing for it! He’s super excited and so am I! Now he’ll get priority underwriting.”

-Margie, Missouri Mortgage Originator

Discover how you and your borrowers can count on the benefits of a 15% down payment vs. a 20% down payment. Learn how 15 is greater than 20.
How to reach Hispanic Homebuyers in your community

We absolutely see the value in marketing to Hispanic homebuyers.

“Receiving this information from a trusted partner like MGIC means so much more and really cements your organization within ours. We absolutely see the value in marketing and reaching out to this group but I don’t think we would have arrived there as soon as we did without that presentation and your presence at our function."

-Mike, North Carolina Branch Manager

Learn how more about how we can help you reach out to Hispanic homebuyers with our Hispanic marketing resources.

Get fast answers directly from an underwriter!

Your underwriters are the best in the business. My borrower was over the moon!

“I never thought I could get the borrowers to the closing table, but MGIC’s underwriters are the best in the business. I was able to close on time and my borrower was over the moon to move in."

-Sally, New Mexico Loan Officer Assistant

Our team of underwriters is readily available – give us a call!

Protect your portfolio now!

Who knew there were so many portfolio lending options!

“I really had no idea how exposed we were to risk until my MGIC account manager talked to me more about expanding my portfolio lending options.”

-Jackie, Minnesota CFO

Learn how MGIC can protect you from credit losses.

Experience our amazing service!

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Competitive rates

Check out our competitive rates, available through our rate quote platform, MiQ, or your preferred LOS.

To get started with MiQ, click the Get a Quote button, then enter your NMLS ID or email address and your Master Policy number.

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Use an LOS? You can also get a rate quote through your LOS. For help, check out the LOS guides.

Resources for Loan Officers

Reach out to referral partners

Reach out to first-time homebuyers

Build your brand

Resources for Lenders

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