MGIC Master Policy (#71-43342)

MGIC Master Policy #71-43342 covers loans whose insurance applications we received Oct. 1, 2014 through Feb. 29, 2020.

Access the policy here and the individual endorsements below. For underwriting guidelines under Master Policy #71-43342, see our archived Underwriting Guide, which was effective through Feb. 29, 2020.

Insurance applications you initially submitted after Feb. 29, 2020 are covered under MGIC Master Policy #71-70384.

For loans whose insurance applications we received Sept. 30, 2014 and before, see MGIC Master Policy #71-7135 or MGIC Master Policy #70-91001.

To determine under which policy you insured a loan, check the loan’s Commitment/Certificate.


 Jurisdiction  Form #  Endorsements
All but MT 71-70341 Delegated Underwriting Program
All but PR 71-70344 Cooperative Properties
AK 71-70361 Alaska
AR 71-70351 Arbitration — Arkansas
FL 71-70365 Dispute Resolution and Governing Law — Florida
GA 71-70360 Georgia


IN 71-70359 Governing Law — Indiana
KS 71-70342 Arbitration — Kansas
KY, MO 71-70340  No Arbitration
ME 71-70355 Cancellation Provisions; Arbitration; Governing Law — Maine
MD 71-70374 Cancellation of Policy and State-Specific Limitations — Maryland
MO 71-70353 Late Claim Submission — Missouri


Delegated Underwriting Program — Montana

MT 71-70371 No Arbitration; Governing Law; Interpretation — Montana
NH 71-70376 Governing Law — New Hampshire
NY 71-70356 Calculated Loss and Governing Law — New York
OK 71-70366 Definitions; Arbitration; Governing Law — Oklahoma


Arbitration — Oregon

OR 71-70357 Governing Law — Oregon
PR 71-70375 Arbitration and Governing Law — Puerto Rico
SD 71-70352 Dispute Resolution and Governing Law — South Dakota
TN 71-70362 Governing Law — Tennessee
TX 71-70372


 VA 71-70363 Arbitration and Governing Law — Virginia
 WV 71-70367

Arbitration — West Virginia

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