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MGIC Master Policy #71-43342

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Our current Master Policy, covering insurance applications dated Oct. 1, 2014, and after 

MGIC Master Policy #71-43342 covers loans whose insurance applications we received on or after Oct. 1, 2014 through Feb. 29, 2020.

Access the policy here and the individual endorsements below.

PLEASE NOTE: Insurance applications that you initially submitted before Oct. 1, 2014, and resubmitted after that date are covered under MGIC Master Policy #71-7135 or MIC Master Policy #70-91001.

Gold Cert rescission relief

Our Gold Cert Coverage provides rescission relief from borrower misrepresentation, underwriting errors and material value variances on qualifying loans after 36 months, regardless of the submission method.

You can also opt for this protection at 12 months. The 12-month option requires that you submit certain documents at application and/or after you notify MGIC to activate insurance.

For details:

Underwriting submission options

Under our Master Policy, flexible submission options allow you to continue to tailor the way you do business, submitting data and/or documents.

For details, see our Underwriting Guide (UWG), Section 1.06.


Servicing Report

Our Master Policy requires servicers to submit a monthly Servicing Report which includes loan status and other key information for all your MGIC-insured loans (both current and in default).

Note: Submit the Servicing Report in addition to all other reporting requirements.

For information on monthly submission timing, report components, reporting templates and reporting options, refer to our Servicing Report.


Jurisdiction Form # Endorsements
All but MT 71-70341 Delegated Underwriting Program
All but PR 71-70344 Cooperative Properties
AK 71-70361 Alaska
AR 71-70351 Arbitration — Arkansas
FL 71-70365 Dispute Resolution and Governing Law — Florida
GA 71-70360 Georgia


IN 71-70359 Governing Law — Indiana
KS 71-70342 Arbitration — Kansas
KY, MO 71-70340  No Arbitration
ME 71-70355 Cancellation Provisions; Arbitration; Governing Law — Maine
MD 71-70374 Cancellation of Policy and State-Specific Limitations — Maryland
MO 71-70353 Late Claim Submission — Missouri


Delegated Underwriting Program — Montana

MT 71-70371 No Arbitration; Governing Law; Interpretation — Montana
NH 71-70376 Governing Law — New Hampshire
NY 71-70356 Calculated Loss and Governing Law — New York
OK 71-70366 Definitions; Arbitration; Governing Law — Oklahoma


Arbitration — Oregon

OR 71-70357 Governing Law — Oregon
PR 71-70375 Arbitration and Governing Law — Puerto Rico
SD 71-70352 Dispute Resolution and Governing Law — South Dakota
TN 71-70362 Governing Law — Tennessee
TX 71-70372


 VA 71-70363 Arbitration and Governing Law — Virginia
 WV 71-70367

Arbitration — West Virginia

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