MGIC mortgage insurance is the original down payment assistance program. We know that borrowers sometimes need a little extra help, but they don't know where to find it. In fact, less than a third of consumers are familiar with low-down-payment programs.

You can be the expert who connects borrowers to programs that can boost them over the down payment hurdle. Down payment assistance (DPA) can help you

  • Reach more borrowers
  • Increase efficiency
  • Make more strategic marketing decisions
  • Add value for referral partners
  • Meet Community Reinvestment Act (CRA) goals

How do you make the most of DPA?

Our partner Down Payment Resource (DPR) offers tools for loan officers and lending operations of all sizes.

DPR is the only national database of eligibility criteria and benefits information for down payment assistance resources, grants, bond programs, MCCs, employer assistance and other homeownership programs — updated monthly with the most current information.

DPA lead Generation for loan officers

Connect with more homebuyers with Down Payment Connect

Down Payment Resource offers a subscription-based down payment assistance look-up tool that can help you:
  • Match borrowers to the down payment help they need
  • Build trust
  • Grow your business

Subscribe to Down Payment Connect to get your personalized DPA landing page

There are more than 2,400 homeownership programs across the country. DPR tracks them all, including those right in your backyard. Put their database to work for you!

Here's how it works:

  1. Promote your personalized landing page through your website, social media, digital advertising and more
  2. Buyers search for programs, view basic results and enter their contact information to get more details
  3. You get exclusive leads delivered to your inbox with details about all their results

A Down Payment Connect subscription is $39 per state per month with no contract, or just $390 for an annual subscription.

Sign up for Down Payment Connect

3 ways Down Payment Resource can help build your business

Increase efficiency

Why waste time and talent keeping up with DPA programs when DPR can do it for you? DPR keeps track of your organization's approved programs so loan officers can easily and immediately see what programs borrowers may qualify for. And underwriters and compliance officers will save time in reviews, leading to shorter turn times.

Identify untapped markets

Have you thought about focusing on firefighters in Fairbanks? DPR's comprehensive directory can help you identify specific populations in your community who may qualify for DPA so you can make strategic marketing decisions.

Attract more leads

DPR's Consumer Portal can be lender-branded to deliver leads directly to loan officers. Link your branded consumer portal on your website or in digital advertising to reach potential borrowers looking to overcome the down payment hurdle.

DPA tools for lenders

To help organizations research, track and implement down payment assistance strategies, Down Payment Resource offers 3 primary components:

  • DPA Directory: A comprehensive, searchable index of more than 2,400 local, state and national DPA programs, including Fannie Mae Community Seconds® and Freddie Mac Affordable Seconds® — Now with a 14-day free trial!
  • Loan Officer Portal: Provides loan officers with transaction-level matching of borrowers, properties and approved programs
  • Consumer Portal: Mobile-friendly tool allows consumers to match themselves to approved programs

Down Payment Resource® is a registered trademark of Workforce Resource LLC.

To learn more about enterprise-wide DPR services, fill out the form below

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