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elements marketing automation tool for loan officers

Protect your client database from your competition:
Use this hands-off marketing automation tool that works for you 24/7

How will you get more leads and close more loans this month? One answer to that question lies in your client database.

Elements is a marketing automation tool that uses your client database to help you protect the clients you have and get referrals to the clients you don't. Elements is a result of a partnership between MGIC and Continuity Programs, Inc.™ (CPI).

How it works:

Upload your customer database to the Elements platform. Select and customize email and direct mail campaigns to target your existing customers. Once that is set up, it's hands off! And the leads and referrals will roll in.

Leads on the beach

One loan officer who is an Elements user called to actually complain, because while he was on vacation, he kept getting pinged with leads – 14 leads in one afternoon! (Elements never takes a vacation.)

Here are highlights from another successful Elements customer:

  • Who: A community bank with 25+ loan officers, 2,300+ borrowers
  • What: 13 touch points per borrower over 12 months: including 2 thank you cards, 1 survey, 4 emails, 1 holiday eCard, 1 email video, 2 eNewsletters and 2 letters
  • Total touchpoints: 27,244 emails and 3,425 direct mail pieces
  • Results: 742 leads and 76 closed loans and counting!

Social media testimonials

Imagine if positive testimonials from your satisfied customers are automatically posted to social media? With no work on your part?

Whenever a customer provides a positive comment about your business and service via a survey, Elements will post it to your lending institution's social media platform (and with your customer's permission).

Find out who just put a home on the market

Who needs a crystal ball when you have Elements? You will be notified within 24 hours when customers in your database put a home up for sale.

Share the leads and build relationships

Turn real estate agents into your best friends forever with a continuous flow of leads.  Explore our fun infographic that highlights some of the other great reasons to try Elements right now!

Request a personalized demo and learn more about services and pricing!

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