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how to reach first-time homebuyers

Use these tools to tap into the growing market of first-time homebuyers.

HomeDiggidy: A website for first-time homebuyers, developed by Millennials for Millennials

Ask a new first-time homeowner what surprised her the most about the whole home-buying process and she will say, "I didn't think it would take so long and be so complicated!" 

Get your first-time homebuyers revved up for their journey by sending them to our HomeDiggidy website. It's packed with tips and information for first-time homebuyers: research- and experience-driven original content, financial calculators, home-buying checklists and planners, informative newsletters and an easy-to-understand home-buying glossary.

The unique thing about HomeDiggidy.com is that it is created and updated by a Millennial staff of writers and designers. (Although they allow a few Baby Boomers and Gen Xers to contribute now and then). Your potential borrowers will relate to their insights and ideas on renting, buying a home, and owning a home.

Seminar in a Box: Host an educational workshop for first-time homebuyers

This turnkey "seminar-in-a-box" includes everything you need to offer a customizable, comprehensive workshop for your customers. Workbooks, a PowerPoint presentation, a facilitator guide and samples of newsletters, checklists and other resources for consumers are packed in this kit. Once you decide what need and how many, order the materials online. There is no cost for the kit or the materials. 

Provide a valuable resource to your borrowers and promote yourself at the same time! Customize these promotional flyers with your logo and contact information.


To order a First-Time Homebuyer Education kit, contact your account manager, or click here to complete a form and he or she will contact you. 

Homebuyer Kit

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