As of Aug. 1, 2020, the GSEs began accepting redesigned URLA data via the Mortgage Industry Standards Maintenance Organization® Version 3.4 (MISMO® v3.4) Reference Model on a limited basis.

About our implementation

  • We are currently accepting loans originated using the redesigned URLA form and data from the redesigned URLA form using the MISMO v3.4 data specification from our system-to-system (B2B) partner integrations
  • MGIC’s Loan Center now accepts data from the redesigned URLA form using the MISMO v3.4 data specification or DU 3.2

Possible future changes to data specifications

While MGIC has been engaged in the development of the data specification, the final version of the MISMO v3.4 data specification could be subject to change based on GSE announcements or other industry changes. If changes are required to align with the data specification, we’ll update the information on this page and coordinate changes with customers already in testing and implementation.


Contact our Customer Service team with questions or for more information: or 1-800-424-6442.

Reach out to your Account Representative

What does this mean for you?

If you’re using the redesigned URLA form, here’s what you need to know about implementation with MGIC.  

If you use a commercially-available loan origination system or pricing engine

You can continue submitting loans to MGIC without interruption.

Please contact your LOS or PPE provider for assistance with any questions (see below) regarding their support of the redesigned URLA form.

Questions to ask your LOS or PPE provider:

  • Do you support the ability to originate loans using the redesigned URLA?
  • Will you continue to support the importing and exporting of the DU 3.2 data format?
  • When will you support the importing and exporting of the MISMO v3.4 data specification?
  • Will you be ready for the GSE Open Production Period (OPP) starting Jan. 1, 2021 for automated underwriting systems?
  • Will you provide ongoing product and service support and training related to the redesigned URLA?

If you use a proprietary system

If you want to incorporate the MISMO v3.4 data specification fields in your current MISMO or DU 3.2 data set:

  • New URLA data elements must be mapped to currently-available data elements in your current MISMO or DU 3.2 data set
  • Testing efforts may be coordinated immediately to ensure mapping includes new URLA data elements
  • To request mapping documentation or coordinate testing, contact Customer Service at or 1-800-424-6442

If you want to implement the MISMO v3.4 data specification:

  • System-to-system (B2B) integration testing efforts may be scheduled with our Integrations Services Team – Contact Customer Service at or 1-800-424-6442 to schedule
  • Once testing is complete, the integration may be implemented

If you use the Loan Center

  • For delegated submissions: MGIC accepts imports of the MISMO v3.4 and DU data specifications in the Loan Center
  • For non-delegated submissions: Continue uploading documents to MGIC in the Loan Center without interruption
  • For information on Loan Center submissions, visit

MISMO® is trademark of Mortgage Industry Standards Maintenance Organization, Inc.

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