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The hidden value of homeownership

Share with renters the compelling benefits of owning a home

Download this social shareable, perfectly sized for LinkedIn and Facebook to help renters understand the long-term benefits of homeownership. Pair it with the value of homeownership really adds up infographic to share the substantial financial, social, health and emotional benefits of owning a home. Bonus: You’ll find social post messages for inspiration below!



Social shareable instructions

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Here are a few ready-made messages you can cut, paste and post: 

🔑 Homeownership isn't just about having a place to call your own. It brings an array of financial, health and emotional benefits that have a lasting impact. Let's connect to take a closer look at the values homeownership can bring to you.

⚖️ Are you weighing the pros and cons of buying a house instead of renting? The value of homeownership goes beyond having a place to live. DM me to discover how the benefits of homeownership can add up for you.

🏠 Ready to level up from renting? Let’s chat! Reach out to me for a personalized consultation and let’s work together to make your homeownership dreams a reality.

Consider hashtags like these:

#HomeownershipBenefits #ValueOfHomeownership #YourDreamHomeAwaits

How to use MGIC's social media shareables:

MGIC’s shareables are designed to help lending pros bolster their social media activities with attention-grabbing visual content and topics sure to engage your homebuying and referral partner audiences. They’re sized just right for popular social media platforms.*

These steps generally apply to the popular platforms you're using: 

  1. Download the image and save to your desktop 
  2. Choose a ready-made message or craft your own 
  3. Log into your social media account 
  4. Paste your message into your new post 
  5. Choose "add media" or "photo/video" 
  6. Upload the social shareable image you downloaded in step 1 
  7. Double-check your post 
  8. Click "Post"