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Tap into the potential of Gen Z homebuyers

Empower Gen Z with financial education and social media engagement

In a world where financial education is important, Gen Z is expressing a strong need for improved financial literacy. According to an August 2023 survey commissioned by Experian, 74% of Gen Z adults believe that enhanced financial education could significantly alleviate their financial stress.1

Social media has emerged as a crucial platform for connecting with younger demographics hungry for financial knowledge. A September 2023 eMarketer survey revealed that 62.5% of Gen Z adults in the U.S. turn to social media for financial information, surpassing the 45.8% average among all banking consumers.2

Download our infographic to unlock the key to understanding and engaging with the future wave of homeowners.  


LOs: Integrating financial education and money management tools into your offerings could be a game-changer for engaging with Gen Z borrowers. Here are 6 strategies:

1. Financial literacy resources

Provide access to online resources, webinars or podcasts that cover topics such as budgeting, credit management and savings strategies.

2. Interactive workshops

Host workshops focused on financial literacy topics tailored to Gen Z, like understanding mortgage options or down payment assistance programs.

3. Mobile apps and tools

Recommend user-friendly mobile apps and online tools designed to help them track their expenses, create budgets or monitor their credit scores.

4. Social media content

Create bite-sized financial education content, like videos, explainers or mini-infographics, tailored for Gen Z, on popular social platforms like TikTok, Instagram and YouTube.

5. Experts and Influencers

Partner with financial experts or influencers who resonate with Gen Z to co-create educational content and host live Q&A sessions on social media platforms.

6. Personalized financial coaching

Provide tailored guidance and support to Gen Z borrowers based on their individual financial goals and challenges.

By implementing these strategies, you can effectively provide Gen Z borrowers with the financial knowledge and tools they need to make informed decisions and achieve their homeownership goals.

SOURCES: 1Experian, 2023; 2eMarketer, 2024

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