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Credit Conversations with ARC's Mike Olden – Episode 27

Mike Olden, American Reporting Company's Vice President of Sales and Education


Credit Conversations with ARC’s Mike Olden

Learn about credit-related topics with American Reporting Company's Vice President of Sales and Education Mike Olden on this episode of Mortgage Connects podcast. Mike discusses the difference between soft and hard credit inquiries, and the effect of medical collections and student loans on a borrower's credit score. He also covers:

  • Why it’s important for borrowers to review their credit information for accuracy
  • Why originators and borrowers should have an open dialogue about credit so there are no surprises
  • Basic tips to maintaining a good credit score
  • Understanding credit score factors

Episode breakdown:

  • Understanding your borrower’s credit situation before you actually pull a credit report (0:47)
  • Factors that make up a credit score (3:07)
  • Outro (6:17)

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mike olden

Mike Olden, VP Sales & Education, American Reporting Company (ARC)

At American Reporting Company, Mike’s primary responsibility is managing and developing new business with banks, credit unions, and mortgage bankers. Mike has worked in the mortgage banking industry since 1984 and at American Reporting Company since 1997. Mike also helps develop and deliver educational programs related to credit reporting and credit scoring for ARC clients, non-profit housing partners, and first-time homebuyers. He is certified to teach continuing education to Realtors in Washington, Oregon, and Hawaii; and has been a featured presenter to national audiences. Mike is a former board member of the Puget Sound Mortgage Lenders Association and the Community Homeownership Center. He served on the Mortgage Bankers Association State & Local Advisory Council from 2005 to 2007 and was president of the Seattle Mortgage Bankers Association for the 2004/2005 term.

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