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Black Homeownership Opportunities

How you can play a bigger role in supporting Black homebuyers

Lack of housing inventory, soaring home prices, rising interest rates and tight lending standards plus a history of discrimination and inequity have made the path to homeownership challenging for Black Americans. Despite all that, potential buyers are prepared to buy homes and many have few or no barriers to entry. Consider this: 3 million Black buyers are mortgage-ready1 and 1.7 million millennials earn $100K+2 and qualify for loans.

You play a critical role in empowering future Black homeowners: Use the insights in this infographic to help you create pathways to actively support Black borrowers. With a comprehensive understanding of their challenges and characteristics, you can implement actionable solutions to assist them in achieving their pursuit of the American dream.

1 Urban Institute, 2023; 2 National Mortgage News, 2021

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