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Pandemic Statement

In an effort to protect its co-workers and minimize a delay in delivery of products, services and support to its customers, MGIC has developed a Pandemic Plan addressing the threat of a pandemic from a virus such as H5N1 (avian or bird flu).

It is difficult to predict when the next pandemic event will occur or how severe it will be; therefore, MGIC has taken this opportunity to plan for such an event. The MGIC Pandemic Plan is based on recommendations set forth by OSHA, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in conjunction with the Alert Levels established by the World Health Organization.

Under MGIC's Pandemic Plan:

  • MGIC will leverage aspects of the Corporate Business Continuity Plan for Incident Command and Communications.
  • Human Resources will be responsible for monitoring the spread and impact of the disease and escalating to the Incident Command Team.
  • The MGIC Incident Command Team will determine when it is appropriate to activate the Pandemic Plan.

Upon activation of MGIC's Pandemic Plan:

  • The focus will be on the continuation of MGIC's Core Business and Support Functions.
  • In the event service levels will be impacted, business partners and customers will be notified.
  • If appropriate, MGIC will suspend non-essential functions.
  • Personnel may be re-deployed to other departments to support the demands of staffing shortages within core business functions.
  • MGIC will notify all co-workers that the Pandemic Plan has been activated, what actions they should take and where to find the most current information regarding the pandemic and MGIC's response.
  • To mitigate the spread of disease, best practices for hygiene, etc., will be re-emphasized.
  • All standard workplace policies and co-worker benefits will remain in practice unless modified at time of pandemic.

Based on public health agency recommendations, MGIC will publish to all co-workers critical information related to the pandemic, including but not limited to:

  • Temporary remote computing alternatives
  • International and domestic business travel advisories
  • Time off and return to work guidelines
  • Social distancing

Contact Kathy Valenti, VP – Chief Compliance Officer
800.558.9900, ext. 6903