Gen Z Is on the Move! Help Them Overcome Down Payment Misconceptions │ Infographic

86% of Gen Z want to own a home someday, but 82% see saving for a down payment as an obstacle.* Use the insights in this infographic to better understand this generation and their homeownership outlook, and how to lend them your expertise while showing them how to expand their financial options.

A great tool for you and your real estate partners: The oldest members of Generation Z, born between 1997 and 2012, are ready to enter the housing market. Potential Gen Z homebuyers are highly committed to early homeownership, but misconceptions about their down payment options could derail their buying timetables. As their trusted advisor, it’s important to help your borrowers understand all the possibilities – including how putting down less can help Gen Z become homeowners sooner.

*, January 2020

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Gen Z is on the move!

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