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Strategies, tips and advice from today’s top originators. Get inspired and empowered by the actionable takeaways we reveal each episode that you can implement in your own professional life today.

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“A winning mindset”: Adding value to referral partners to earn their business - Ep. 31 with Matt Weaver, CrossCountry Mortgage Vice President of Mortgage Sales (37:39)

We discuss referral partner relationships and strategies with CrossCountry Mortgage VP of Mortgage Sales Matt Weaver...

 10/19/2022 A sneak peek at insights from MGIC's latest Loan Originators Survey Report - Ep. 23 with Stephanie Budnik, Senior Business Partner at MGIC (10:08)

We take a look at the findings from MGIC's annual Loan Originators Survey Report... 

Finding opportunity in adversity: A conversation with top originator and content creator Ryan Hills - Ep. 19 with Ryan Hills, Regional Director of Movement Mortgage and CEO/Host of The RE Source TV (52:00)

An interview with top producer and content creator Ryan Hills...  


“Anything worth doing is worth doing badly – just get started” - Ep. 16 with Steve Kyles, mortgage coach and top producer (35:59)

Steve Kyles is a partner with Mortgage Marketing Animals, one of the top mortgage coaching programs in the country...


“It’s a belief system”: The powerful mindset of top mortgage loan originators - Ep. 15 with Todd Duncan, bestselling author and sales entrepreneur (37:59)

Todd discusses uncovering your “why” so you can make wiser choices on your journey to becoming a top producer...


“When you do the right thing, the money will come" - Ep. 7 with Joel Mahakian, Loan Officer Premium Mortgage Corporation/NMLS# 467974 (11:00)

We interview top producer Joel Mahakian of Premium Mortgage Corporation, who explains why...


Overcoming industry obstacles while fostering your relationships - Ep. 2 with Phil Treadwell, National Director of Sales Innovation & Strategy for Thrive Mortgage (30:01)

Managing your pipeline in today’s industry can present its own set of challenges. Hear what Phil has to say...

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