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How lenders can support multicultural growth and incorporate diversity in the workplace - Ep. 1.11 with Edgar Hernandez, Senior Manager in the Multicultural Center of Expertise (MCOE), CUNA Mutual Group (27:34)

We chat with Edgar Hernandez about how to simplify and create trust with consumers by being transparent, especially in...


"The market will normalize": Being proactive in a seller's market - Ep. 1.10 with John Donnelly, Service First Mortgage Executive Director of Sales (27:19)

When volume slows, you'll need an effective sales and marketing strategy to grow your business. John Donnelly of Service First Mortgage talks about...     


Is your social presence up to regulatory snuff? - Ep. 1.9 with Melissa Thomas, Head of Compliance at ActiveComply (25:49)

There’s quite the buzz around “social media” and the importance of using it on a regular basis to grow...


Deconstructing the economic and social challenges facing the post-pandemic mortgage industry - Ep. 1.8 with Danny Gardner, Freddie Mac’s Senior Vice President of Client and Community Engagement Single-Family Division (27:02)

Get an insider’s scoop on the distinctive economic and social circumstances and challenges facing today’s generation of homebuyers from Freddie Mac’s Danny Gardner... 


“When you do the right thing, the money will come” - Ep. 1.7 with Joel Mahakian, Loan Officer Premium Mortgage Corporation/NMLS# 467974 (11:00)

We interview top producer Joel Mahakian of Premium Mortgage Corporation, who explains why...


All things “gift” - Ep. 1. 6 with Hali Plachecki, MGIC National Trainer (8:18)

In the mortgage world, when we hear the word “gift,” we think: A gift involves money. In this episode...


COVID-19 underwriting flexibilities: What’s changing? - Ep. 1.5 with Rebecca Chase, MGIC National Trainer (7:55)

Over the past 14 months, there have been numerous announcements made jointly by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac...


Growing your business through the lens of Instagram (IG) - Ep. 1.4 with Chelsea Peitz, National Director of Social Sales for Fidelity National Financial (29:55)

Chelsea Peitz dives into the essentials you should consider when building your personal brand on Instagram, starting with...  


Diversity and inclusion: Connecting with the Asian American demographic - Ep. 1.3 with Sean Phalon, Asian Real Estate Association of America (AREAA) National Mortgage Committee Chair (18:44)

We interviewed Sean Phalon, Asian Real Estate Association of America (AREAA) Vice Chair, to shed some light


Overcoming industry obstacles while fostering your relationships - Ep. 1.2 with Phil Treadwell, National Director of Sales Innovation & Strategy for Thrive Mortgage (30:01)

Managing your pipeline in today’s industry can present its own set of challenges. Hear what Phil has to say...


Spending your time wisely to maximize your social outreach - Ep. 1.1 with Kyle Draper, Founder of & Content Compounding (29:57)

In our society, social media dominates how we reach our customers. Get insights from Kyle Draper, social media guru, about...

"The market will normalize": Being proactive in a seller's market with John Donnelly, Service First Mortgage Executive Director of Sales

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