How to connect with new Hispanic borrowers

Social media is a must. 72% of Hispanics say they use social networks on a daily basis, so take your outreach online!
  • Make sure your social media posts emphasize solutions or problem-solving
  • Leverage your social sites to continue to build your customer relationships and network

Reach out to local Hispanic trade organizations

  • Look up organizations in your area and take part in their community events
  • Be an active partner – show them you’re truly interested in connecting and providing value

How to build trust with Hispanic customers

Once you’ve connected with potential Hispanic homebuyers, it’s important to build relationships and trust. Hispanic customers are looking for more than a financial transaction, so focus on your customer as a person first. The more you get to know your customer, the better you can serve them, and the more they’ll trust you have their best interests at heart.

When working with Hispanic customers:

  • Schedule face-to-face meetings. Hispanic customers will feel more comfortable connecting with you in person rather than on the phone
  • Be prepared to get the whole family involved. Most Hispanic families are close-knit and expect to make decisions as a unit – including financial decisions. Hold business conversations in a less formal area where family members can gather around

Tools from MGIC

creative cafe

Personalized marketing en Espanol

Be memorable! Add your contact information to our colorful, engaging flyers and materials in Spanish. Just download from our Creative Cafe, personalize and print.

Click through to download flyers, infographics, borrower tools and more.

MGIC Creative Cafe Gallery

homebuyer ed test

Generate Latino leads with our no-fee Homebuyer Education test

Help your borrowers fulfill homebuyer education requirements* and become better borrowers with our homebuyer education program in Spanish at

Generate leads with your unique homebuyer education code – borrowers can use it to register for the test. When they earn a certificate, we’ll notify you so you can follow up with these freshly-educated borrowers. We even provide a Spanish-language co-brandable flyer you can use to promote the test and your code. 

*Please note, while our program meets Freddie Mac Home Possible® homebuyer education requirements, it doesn't meet Fannie Mae HomeReady® requirements. HomeReady® is a registered trademark of Fannie Mae. Home Possible® is a registered trademark of Freddie Mac.

Generate leads MGIC Homebuyer Education

homebuyer ed spanish

Host a homebuyer seminar in Spanish

Attract and build relationships with prospective Hispanic homebuyers by helping them understand the process. We provide everything you need to host a seminar in Spanish at no cost to you, including slides, a facilitator guide, borrower workbook and promotional materials.

Looking to connect with Hispanic homebuyers one-on-one?

Order stand-alone pieces in Spanish. Offerings include our Get Ready series on key topics like student loans, credit, budgeting and more; MI education pieces; and worksheets and checklists.

Fill out a short form to go to the order page

readynest logo

Online Spanish-language homebuyer education at breaks down the homebuying process into bite-size topics en Español.

At Readynest, borrowers will find:

  • An overview of the key steps to buying a home
  • Our Homebuyer Education Test
  • Affordability calculators, worksheets and other tools
  • A glossary of homebuying terms

Link to Readynest in Spanish from your website or share content and tools on social media to educate and engage Hispanic homebuyers.

Go to Readynest

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