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Help your borrowers make the right moves

Easy steps to help more borrowers become homeowners

We offer mortgage insurance options to fit your borrowers’ different needs

Matching qualified borrowers with the best mortgages takes professional analysis and knowledge. Let us help! Compare our premium plans to find the right match for your borrowers.

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Help your borrowers over the hurdle with down payment assistance

Down Payment Resource® (DPR) is the only national database of eligibility criteria and benefits information for down payment assistance resources, grants, bond programs, employer assistance and other homeownership programs – updated monthly with the most current information.

DPR’s consumer portal can be lender-branded to deliver leads directly to loan officers. Thanks to our partnership, MGIC customers can save up to 15% on services from Down Payment Resources.

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Down Payment Resource® is a registered trademark of Workforce Resource LLC.

Here's how you reach first-time homebuyers

First-time homebuyers will always be a great opportunity to expand your business. Use our borrower education resources to tap into the growing market of first-time homebuyers.

Help first-time homebuyers

A new angle on mortgage finance that dispels an old myth

Show your borrowers with a 20% down payment how to consider their mortgage from a slightly different angle: 15% down instead of 20%.

They could save on delivery fees and hold onto a lot of cash!

Learn how 15 is greater than 20

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