His vision for The Ability Center and Universal Park is only his latest effort. For a guy with two really bad knees Damian is very hard to slow down. Whether he’s playing and competing in a variety of adaptive sports (including wheelchair basketball, wheelchair tennis, mono-skiing and wakeboarding, to name just a few); working with kids at various camps; or founding organizations such as The Opportunity Center, The Ability Center and the Wisconsin Adaptive Sports Association, Damian always goes all out.

“Within reason, I’ve never said, ‘I can't.’ I’ve always tried, and I’ve always given it my all. And it’s encouraged me to push [others] as a counselor, and say, ‘Failure’s not an option, don’t give up. Always try it.”

After all Damian has been through and overcome, can you think of a reason to doubt him? Didn’t think so.