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Lender Landscape was built on the perspectives, challenges and strategies of our lender community. We quickly learned that bringing our Lender Landscape customers together provides great opportunities for networking and idea sharing on the issues most important to you. As a Lender Landscape subscriber, you are eligible to participate in our FOCUS conferences and roundtable calls that engage mortgage lenders from across the country.

FOCUS Conference

Your Lender Landscape subscription gives you the opportunity attend and participate in FOCUS conferences facilitated by the Lender Landscape team. Attendees experience:

  • Surprisingly frank discussions on best practices for optimizing strategy, maximizing profitability and improving performance
  • Idea sharing and validation of successful or unsuccessful strategies
  • “UnPlugged” Sessions – an incredibly popular forum that allows participants to submit topics and questions for the group to discuss
  • World Café Sessions – small group discussions on pre-determined topics
  • Perspectives from well-known industry personalities

Roundtable Calls

In a perfect world, we would have FOCUS conferences every month – but that’s not logistically possible. So instead, we host and facilitate monthly roundtable webinars structured very similarly to our FOCUS conference sessions. They are typically channel-specific (retail, consumer direct and TPO-focused) and cover topics based on customer feedback. These calls are a great opportunity to discuss challenges, strategies and best practices with your peers.

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